Our purpose statement includes this phrase: “presenting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ at home and abroad confident that God will save sinners and believers will be edified.” The mission of the church is to make disciples of all nations, and while the bulk of WCC’s activity has to do with local ministry, we actively support missionary work around the world. Below are listed the missionaries we currently support monthly as a church, and we encourage you to continue supporting them in prayer as well.

Missionaries We Support

Seth and Mary Carter
kids Truett, Titus, September, and Leander

Serving with Campus Ventures
at NorthWest Community College in Powell, WY

Joe and Karyn Cavon
daughter Angela

Serving Turkish people in Nottingham, UK

Will and Shanna Fellows

Warren Hiebert

Serving with United Indian Missions
in Glendale AZ
Serving as the Chaplain for Montana’s
sheriff’s department
in Bozeman MT

Jerry and Cara Holm

Serving with United Indian Missions
in British Colombia

Bill and Maria Katz
daughter Victoria

Serving with Hope for Israel
based out of Great Falls, MT

Patrick and Loretta Mullen

Cilem and Harley Suprint
sons Rocky and Archer

Serving the local church
in Dublin, Ireland
Serving the local church
in Haiti

Encourage our active missionaries

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